The Honda Ridgeline Offers A Unique Exterior

The Honda Ridgeline is a pickup truck that offers many features that make it a perfect form of transportation for many. As a mid-size pickup truck, it is designed for functionality.

The Honda Ridgeline offers some very unique exterior features that are not available in all trucks. One of those features is the the power outlet that is found in the bed of this pickup truck. A 150W/400W outlet can be found in the bed of this truck so that it makes it easier to plug in power tools and other electronics such as televisions so they can be used anywhere. It also has a 7.3 cu feet trunk that is able to be locked. It is a great place for storage. What is unique to it however, is that it has a floor plug, so it can be used as a cooler and things can be stored in it that are wet. The water will just drain out instead of staying in the trunk and possibly damaging the inside.

These are just a couple of the unique features. In order to look at more of those things offered in this truck, stop by your local dealer and check out the Honda Ridgeline. It might be the right truck for you.


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