Tips to Keep Your Cabin Cool This Summer

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If you’ve lived or worked near our Houston, TX Honda dealership for a while, then you know how brutal summer can be around here. Houston-area summers typically have high temperatures and plenty of bright sunshine. Taken together, these elements can make it uncomfortable to get into an automobile after it’s been parked for a few hours.

It doesn’t take long for a parked car to get much hotter than the exterior temperature. This makes it important for you to be proactive even when you’re going to leave your car for only a few minutes.

To keep your cabin cooler than it would be otherwise, you should seek out parking spots in the shade or in a parking garage. If you’re pulling into a parking garage, refrain from parking on the top level if it’s exposed to sunlight. When the sun’s rays make their way into your car, they increase the temperature in your cabin and their heat is absorbed by your interior surfaces.

If you can’t avoid parking in the sun, use a sunshade to block the sun’s light. Drivers who don’t have a sunshade can use a towel to cover the surfaces in their car to prevent them from becoming hot to the touch.

When your windows are rolled up, the temperature in your car can reach dangerous, even life-threatening heights. Leaving your windows open is an effective way to prevent that from happening. If you’re concerned about theft, at least leave your windows open about an inch so some hot air can escape from your cabin.

For more tips about keeping your cabin cool during summer, contact Gillman Honda Houston or visit our Honda dealership near Fort Bend, TX today. We look forward to sharing more cabin-cooling advice with you soon!

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