Top Tips For Cleaning Your Tires

Are your tires caked in dirt and grime? Brake dust can damage your wheels if you let it build up on your tires. Gillman Honda Houston knows you want your vehicle to look its best, so we asked car detailing professionals for a few tips.

The type of tire cleaner you use is important. Be sure to choose a cleaner that won't damage your wheels. If your wheels are painted, a tire cleaner made for chrome wheels will damage the finish. If your tires are caked in dirt, consider using a wheel cleaning concentrate. Concentrates are stronger than traditional tire cleaners.

Do your tires look brown? Try a non-acidic, non-caustic tire rejuvenator. Using a high-quality tire gel will prevent your tires from turning brown in the first place. Tire gels leave your tires looking glossy and protect them from brake dust and discoloration. A silicone-free, water-based tire gel is your best bet.



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