How to Travel With Your Dog

More dog owners than ever before are now choosing to travel with their dogs, whether it’s a short trip to the supermarket or a long trip out of state. If you’re planning on becoming a dog owner that allows your dog to accompany you on trips, we would love to give you some tips. Come to Gillman Honda Houston and let us help.
• Bring your dog’s favorite toy & a few treats.
• Refrain from feeding the dog before you leave.
• Keep the dog in the backseat to avoid a frightening airbag experience.
• Make sure the dog’s tags are secure to its collar.
• Keep dogs off your lap.
• Do not allow the dog to hold his head out the window.

We also offer some pet-friendly vehicles as well as some travel-related pet supplies. Stop at our showroom. While you’re at it, bring your dog and ask about taking one of our vehicles out for a test drive.



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