How Do Modern Rearview Mirrors Work?

Though the technology has been around awhile, we at Gillman Honda Houston still consider the auto-dimming rearview mirror wondrous. Today, we would like to tell you how that wonder works.

If you are an experienced driver, you have surely been distracted by glare in your rearview mirror. Modern car mirrors significantly reduce that distraction's occurrence. Inside these 21st-century parts, we find circuitry. Attached to the circuit board, a light sensor uses photodiode technology to convert light into current. When that current flows through the mirror's circuit board, the board reacts by changing the mirror's brightness. When the current's strength increases, the mirror dims, and when its strength decreases, the mirror brightens.

Also, you are likely familiar with the blind spot that appears after a light's glare leaves your vision. Science tells us that blind spot results from the Troxler Effect. By automatically dimming to reduce glare, electrochromic mirrors diminish this effect. Clearly, auto-dimming mirrors can enhance your comfort and safety.



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