Tips for Navigating Road Hazards near Houston, TX

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No matter what kind of automobile you drive—a 2019 Honda Odyssey, a 2020 Honda Pilot, or an older model—the odds are good that you’ll encounter a road hazard from time to time. Road hazards take many forms, such as potholes, debris, cyclists who don’t follow the rules of the road, and reckless drivers, to name just a few. With so many threats on the roadways, we thought it would be a good idea to share some advice that can help you navigate road hazards safely.

As Honda dealers who share the local roads with you, we know there are few things as unsettling as encountering a tailgater when you’re behind the wheel. If you notice someone who’s driving too close to your bumper, you should resist the understandable urge to tap your brakes to encourage the person to back off. Instead, simply switch into the right-hand lane and let the person pass. If there isn’t a lane available to your right, make a turn at the next intersection. If the tailgater continues to follow you, pull into a well-lit parking lot at a convenience store or another populated location.

Bad weather is a threat that Houston drivers need to know how to handle. If precipitation starts to fall, slow down and increase your following distance. Turn on your wipers and your headlights as well.

Wildlife crossing the road can also create a dangerous situation. If you see sign that indicates wildlife like deer might be nearby, slow down and flash your headlights as a warning to animals close to the roadway. Keep an eye out for animals crossing the road in front of your car as well as wildlife approaching your vehicle from the side.

For more tips about navigating road hazards, visit our Honda dealership in Houston, TX or contact Gillman Honda Houston now.

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