Get Ready for a Tailgate Party

At Gillman Honda Houston, we want you to enjoy tailgating this summer. Tailgating is a great way to have a good time with your friends in Houston. We want our customers to know the essentials of tailgating.

Show up at least four hours early. You will need time to get ready before the game. You can bring several things to your tailgate party, or you can get started with a few basic necessities. You will need a spatula, tongs, flashlight and garbage bags. You will also need wet wipes and sanitizer for your hands. Marinate your meat the day before the party. It should be ready for your grill when you arrive at the event. Separate burger patties with wax paper.

Freeze your water bottles. Ice will melt in the cooler, and you do not want to drink warm water in the summer. Bring a large container for your dirty dishes.



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