Why Should You Buy an SUV?

When it comes to buying your next vehicle, you may be considering not only a new brand, but also a new kind of vehicle. If you've been driving a sedan or compact car and feel it's time for a change, you might be considering a sport utility vehicle.

With spacious cargo bays, one or even two passenger rows and the ability to forge ahead on unpaved roads, SUV ownership presents plenty of perks. Perhaps you've just bought a jet ski or ATV and need a vehicle capable of hauling it or maybe you just need the extra room for car pool passengers or your child's soccer friends. An SUV will give you all the space and horsepower that you probably need.

While those are compelling reasons to own an SUV, you can also count on their enhanced safety features, and surprisingly, on their fuel efficiency. There are plenty of SUVs on the road today that get better gas mileage than their sedan counterparts. Stop by Gillman Honda Houston to test drive an SUV today.



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